Wednesday, February 10, 2016

My First Day

My first day going into work was a very scary experience. I had never had a job before, so I had no idea what to expect. I came into the store early on a Saturday morning, and my new boss, Lawrence immediately took me into the back. We sat down at his desk and he explained to me the expectations for me in there first few weeks, and hopefully the months to follow. Lawrence explained how my first couple of shift would all be for training purposes, where I would basically shadow one of the managers, Chris, that would teach me everything he knew. It seemed pretty simple at first, but I couldn't get passed my shyness. I was super nervous and was too afraid to talk to anyone who walked in through the door, obviously an issue in a retail environment in which you need to be constantly engaging with customers. Chris allowed me the leeway to take it slow at first and observe how he did it. He was always very outgoing and friendly, and made sure that every customer knew that he would be around if they needed any assistance. Over the next couple of shifts, Chris and Lawrence worked to get me out of my shell and onto the sales floor. Little did they know, I would go from the shyest person they employed to their best and most productive salesman in only a few weeks.


  1. Did you post this unfinished piece on purpose? I can't wait to read the complete one!

  2. I feel you Justin, my first day was the same